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All Star System Seven FGS7-PIBK Baseball Glove

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All Star System Seven FGS7-PIBK 11.75 in Baseball Glove Features:

The All Star System Seven FGS7-PIBK 11.75 in Baseball Glove comes built-to-last with extremely durable Japanese Maruhashi leather and Pro Guard Padding in the palm to reduce sting. The FGS7-PIBK is game-ready right off the shelf, breaks in quickly, and is fortified with a deep, wide pocket that makes catching easier. For a long-lasting and resilient glove, choose the All Star FGS7-PIBK System Seven 11.75 in Baseball Glove. The best part of the FGS7-PIBK is it's versatility. With a 11.75-inch length and a Pro-trap web, this is a glove that can be used at multiple positions. While it is primarily an infielder's glove, the FGS7-PIBK is ideal for those that split there time between the infield and the mound. The gloves unique webbing hides the ball from the batter. So, this allows the pitcher to change his grip without tipping off the pitch he is about to throw. The specially designed Dual Woven Laced Web is one of the finer points of this glove. The hybrid web that sits between a closed and a trap-web is not found anywhere. . What makes it so special is its ability to be both sturdy and flexible at the same time. The reinforced nature of the webbing allows it to stabilize the pocket while also having the flex to maneuver around ground balls. The conventional back on the All Star System Seven FGS7-PIBK is similar to All Star's catching models. This glove has a conventional back which is open. Therefore the fielder has al lot of flexibility in the wrist. With the traditional back, the All Star System Seven FGS7-PIBK keeps the wrist in a better fielding position therefore allowing for consistent movements to and from the ball. So, start making spectacular catches today. So, purchase your All Star System Seven FGS7-PIBK at Baseball Bargains today!
  • High quality selection
  • Pro Guard Padding System
  • Maximum control
  • 11 3/4" pro pitcher/infield pattern
  • Conventional back
  • Dual Woven Laced Web
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