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All Star FM25MAG Catchers Face Mask

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Sku: FM4000MAG-Scarlet
Catchers Gear

Want to wear an evolutionary catcher's face mask during your next season of calling games. Then you need to check out this All Star FM25MAG Catchers Face Mask. It has a special material construction that makes it the ideal catcher's face mask choice. This is a product built for high performance, and is available to order right here on our Baseball Bargains website. There are many who already trust All Star for their head equipment needs, and here is why you should as well.

The All Star FM25MAG Catchers Face Mask features an injection of molded magnesium in its design. This material is perfect for the catcher's mask, and comes with a low density level. This gives the item an extremely light weight of 16.8 ounces, and allows catchers to move their head around in it at a very high speed. You will never feel weighed down in this mask. The mask also has high vibration dampening properties and is super durable and safe. If a ball does hit this mask, you should be more than okay after the impact. It also will not break down after just a few months of use. Get ready to use this mask for many seasons to come. Catchers can also expect a very high visibility level from this mask.

That is because the bars in this mask are placed a bit farther apart than other All Star company mask models. The bars still have the same flattened profile and openings, leading to a mask that allows catchers to see absolutely everything going on around them on the field of play. Get this catcher's face protector in a black, navy, royal, or scarlet coloring design. The special material makeup of the All Star FM25MAG Catchers Face Mask gives it a huge edge over the competing catcher's face masks. And when you wear this mask on the field, you will have a huge edge over your team's competition. Get ready to be the top performing catcher in your league, when you order this mask today!

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