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All Star Catalyst 1 x 8 inches Cryohelmet Replacement Pack

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Sku: CRYO1-1x8
Protective Gear
All Star is offering an incredible new Cryohelmet product for players this year. It is a helmet that will provide athletes with tremendous relief for their head aches and pains, aid them in a faster recovery from head related injuries, and keep them healthy and feeling cool so their on-field performance never suffers. Head injuries require to utmost care, and that is exactly what you get with this All Star Cryohelmet. You can find the Cryohelmet on our Baseball Bargains website, as well as the items necessary to keep the Cryohelmet performing in top condition. This All Star Catalyst 1 x 8 inches Cryohelmet Replacement Pack allows players to never lose the all-important cooling down effect of the All Star Cryohelmet. With this replacement pack on your bench, this Cryohelmet product should keep on going for a long time. This replacement sleeve comes in a size of 1 x 8 inches. The All Star Catalyst Regular Cryohelmet is an item used not only to treat concussions, but migraines and heat illnesses too. The helmet is placed on a player's skull and provides them with a unique and effective cold therapy treatment. Just place the Cryohelmet in a side freezer for three hours and you will get an hour or more worth of cold therapy from the helmet. And this All Star Catalyst 1 x 8 inches Cryohelmet Replacement Pack will ensure that the helmet does its job for a long period of time. The All Star Catalyst 1 x 8 Cryohelmet Replacement Pack comes at a very affordable price tag on our Baseball Bargains website, so order today!
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