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All Star CK1216S7XTT System7 Catchers Gear Set

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Sku: CK1216S7XTT-ScarletBlack
Catchers Gear

All Star CK1216S7XTT System7 Catchers Gear Set:

The All Star CK1216S7XTT System7 Catchers Gear Set is a stock travel team catcher's set available in 9 new distinctive color combinations. These include: Graphite and Gold, Graphite and Orange, Navy and Sky Blue, Navy and Scarlet, Royal and Scarlet, Black and Orange, Scarlet and Red, and Dark Green and Orange. Thus, these unique color combination of the All star System 7 gear will help you stand out behind the plate. Additionally, the set catered to the 12-16 age group features many of the typical components and respective attributes of the All Star System7 series. Such are:
  • Diamond Port Ventilation for maximum breathability
  • thinner and more form fitting Delta Flex harness
  • more aggressive break-points for enhanced blocking
  • MVP2500 Helmet
  • CP1216S7X Chest Protector
  • LG1216S7X Leg Guards
  • LINQ pivot hinge built into the Leg Guards for mobility
With the CK1216S7XTT Team Travel Set, however,you also receive a White All Star equipment back to package your set together in an organized fashion.

All Star Catchers Set Benefits and Dependability:

The benefits to owning a team set are infinite. Never again will you have to fear one player's set breaking and then struggling to find a backup. You can simply have a backup on call, or choose to rotate multiple team sets. Thus, the ball is in your court with how you wish to approach it. But what is known for certain, is that with the All Star CK1216S7XTT System7 Catchers Gear Set your team will automatically achieve the edge over your opponents and be immensely improved as a result. All Star prides themselves on coming through in the clutch where their competitors disappoint. In addition, they breed excellence at their core thanks to an unwavering devotion to their customer base. So why look elsewhere when you know All Star is equal to, if not better than some other top brands, yet has the ability to price their products with the utmost and unmatched affordability? Come buy the All Star CK1216S7XTT System7 Catchers Gear Set from Baseball Bargains today! SKU: CK1216S7XTT
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