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Youth Catchers Gear

Youth Catchers Gear

Buying Youth Catchers Gear can be tough considering they grow so fast. There's no knowing whether or not it will fit them tomorrow. This general thought process will cause some parents to buy their children gear that is a little big, so they won't have to buy new gear when they grow out of the gear they originally bought. This is not smart at all because the gear will be loose and them and can lead to injury. As a parent I would never like to see any child hurt, so it's imperative that parents buy gear that fits their child. If you have worry about spending more money to buy new gear, think of what your medical bills will cost. For example, if you're child gets hit in the spleen many health issues can arise. If they are hit hard enough, their spleen can possibly rupture which can lead to death.  So, as parents you decide which is more important. Is it the safety of your child, or laying out a little extra money. The next step to finding the right gear is seeing what is the best fit. This process can be difficult so you must know what to look for. [product_tag tags="youth-catchers-gear" orderby="popularity"]

What to Look For

The most important pieces to having gear that fits right is making sure it is secure. For the chest protector specifically gear should fit against the child's body without moving around too much. When the child is running, the chest protector shouldn't be bouncing around. This is a sign that the chest protector is too big which can lead to injury as stated before. But, the gear should not be too small either. Players will feel restriction when moving around if their gear is too tight. Also, you will be able to tell if it is too small if there is exposure to key areas of the body. You must find a happy medium that will result in the most comfort and security. Deciding if leg guards fit well or not is a simple task. If the player looks like they are tripping over themselves, then they are too big. On the other hand, when leg guards do not go passed the knee they are to small. Catchers should be able to run with ease in their gear. Finding the right mask is the most important factor. This is because if a mask fits wrong, players can be more concussion prone. This is terrible because concussions in kids can lead to memory loss and other problems later in life. The mask should not easily move around. Instead, it should have a secure fit. The safety is the most important factor in finding youth catchers gear, so make sure your son or daughter is safe. To look through options, look through youth catchers gear on our Baseball Bargains website!
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