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Youth Catchers Equipment

Youth Catchers Equipment

Youth Catchers Equipment is arguably the most important defensive equipment you can purchase. The catcher position exists as perhaps the most dangerous on the ball field. As a result, catchers needs and deserve the utmost protection. Whether from errant balls, flying bats, and runners sliding into home plate, the risk factor always remains high. A youth catchers equipment set should fit securely and provide the flexibility and comfort needed to perform at maximum levels. Additionally, a durable youth catchers gear set will absorb and and all impact energy and wick away moisture. That way, the athlete remains cool and comfortable behind the dish.
A standard youth catchers equipment set will include the big three: a catcher's helmet, a chest protector, and leg guards. Optional pieces such as knee protectors, a jock strap, a catcher's mitt, and a throat guard can come with the set too if requested. Lastly, a purchasable catcher's gear bag assists with organization. Specially designed with the serious backstop in mind, it helps with the hauling of equipment to and from the field of play. [product_tag tags="youth-catchers-equipment" orderby="popularity"]

Additional Catcher Equipment Features:

The catcher's helmet protects against direct shots to the head, face, and neck. The helmet is engineered as such because young athletes grow so quickly. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly upgrade in size. There are two primary types of catcher's head protection to choose from: the classic two piece system or the hockey style mask. The hockey style mask provides fuller protection of the head and face. However, it is more difficult to remove. In some leagues, the more modern, hockey style masks are mandatory for all catchers . It is important to be sure to check your league rules and regulations before purchasing any type of equipment. Come buy a youth catcher equipment set today. If you do, then you will be prepared for the next level come tomorrow.
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