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Youth Batting Helmets

Youth Batting Helmets

There is a ton of competition when it comes to Youth Batting Helmets. A lot of the top baseball companies have gotten into the helmet game. It can be very confusing as to who has the best and what is the best fit for my kid. And, not many of these styles of helmets can be found at local retailers due to lack of stock or everyone else has already bought them. But, even though this is the case it is important to know what size fits. It would be very annoying to get a helmet in the mail and have it not fit. Easiest way to do this is to go to a local retailer and try on the company's helmets that aren't as good. This will give you a general sense of the size. The companies that own most of the market are Easton, Demarini, and Rawlings. [product_tag tags="youth-batting-helmets"]


Easton most likely has the largest selection of helmets. They also have some of the most popular helmets for youth players. There helmets do come small not to mention. But, they have a ton of great features in them. To start, the outer shell. They make this shell out of a very hard ABS plastic. This plastic is pretty much the norm when it comes to helmets. Inside the helmet, they have a ton of great padding. The padding keeps you secure but they don't suffocate you. Lastly, they have a lot of air ventilation on top of the helmet. They have air flow to keep you cool and keep the weight of the helmets down. This is important because you don't want your helmet to slow you down on the base paths. And, you won't be dying from heat stroke on the bases.


Secondly, Rawlings youth batting helmets. These helmets have been the helmet of the MLB for as long as I can remember. And, I have been watching baseball for a long time. So, if they are going to protect against 95 MPH fastballs,. they will do a good job against 70 MPH. Rawlings has the reputation of being able to protect against fast pitches and balls to the head. They also have a great coolflo system. It is their system of air flow that has become more of a look than a practicality. Do not get me wrong, it does a great job keeping you cool on the base paths. You will not over heat on the bases. But, with coolflo being in use on MLB helmets, many kids want to have that look. They see the pros using them and want in on the action. But, they are extremely protective.
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