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Youth Baseball Helmets with Mask

Youth Baseball Helmets with Mask

With youth baseball helmets with mask, you can be  the most prepared player. Helmets are a necessity in baseball for player safety and player performance. As a youth player, you are still figuring out the fundamentals of the game and building your skill set. So why risk the rest of your career by not using the best protective head gear available. Youth baseball helmets with masks will provide the best in player protection and comfort by using the best materials possible to reduce the risk of an injury. [product_tag tags="youth-baseball-helmets-with-mask"]

Why use our Youth Baseball Helmets with Mask?

To start off, our helmets use durable ABS plastic throughout the entire shell of the helmet. Specifically engineered, the ABS plastic disperses force so the area hit doesn't feel the totality of the impact. Whether it be a regular batters helmet, or a catchers mask, we make sure our helmets use professional grade materials. Next, the interior of the helmet is just as important as the exterior. Our products use specially designed foam with varying densities. Why do they do this? The layer closest to the plastic is much more dense, absorbs the force of the impact. The next layer of foam is much less dense, allowing for comfort in the batters box and aids in increased focus. In addition,, our helmets use varying fabrics to coat the foam, usually with moisture wicking qualities. This helps take water or sweat off the face and keeps players focused. Finally, the attachable mask provides additional protection to the face without affecting vision. The face masks allows for air to flow easily and for players  to feel safe at the plate. With all of youth baseball helmets with mask available on our site, the Baseball Bargains website can give you the best options to protect your youth player!
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