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Xeno Fastpitch Bat

Xeno Fastpitch Bat

The Xeno Fastpitch Bat is a stellar piece of offensive weaponry. It features an improved bat grip over its models from bat years. This 100 percent composite bat is perfect for the fastpitch softball player looking to amp their bat speed. With the Xeno, they will send balls rocketing past fielders in no time. [product_tag tags="xeno-fastpitch-bat" orderby="popularity"]

Xeno Features:

  • 100 percent Composite Design
  • Patented S1IDâ„¢ Barrel Technology
  • Balanced swing weight
  • New ultra light weight X-Capâ„¢
  • Patented IST two piece technology
  • 7/8" standard Fastpitch handle
  • Louisville Slugger
Thanks to the above components, this bat feels great on the player's hands and even better through the zone and at the point of contact. The ball will be absolutely flying off your barrel this season because of these features. As a fastpitch softball player, you want the bat that will deliver the highest average velocity on each batted ball. Not only will the Xeno fastpitch bat achieve this, but it will boost confidence as well. Thus, your future in the game will be almost completely set, regardless of whether your same Xeno will still be there all the while. But with its exemplary durability and longlast, the chances are very likely. Additionally, Louisville Slugger's Xeno comes it whatever color design or combination desired. If you want to match your team's colors, you can. If you want to go a different route, that is fine to. The excellence is in the variety, and also in the slick look any Xeno color option provides. Therefore, you can look forward to the endless sea of compliments coming your way when you purchase your Xeno Fastpitch Bat today. There is no telling where your career will end up. Only that power and confidence equals endless possibilities. So stay committed, and your Xeno will do just the same.
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