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Wooden Baseball Bats

Wooden baseball bats will allow you to feel like a pro when you step up to the plate. When you move up in the game of baseball, the game changes. You start off in tee ball, then to coach pitch, then to live pitching. As you grow, the game of baseball grows as well. Wooden Baseball Bats are the final stop before collegiate baseball. Most high school leagues have embraced the BBCOR rule. This style of metal bat acts more like a wood bat, rather than metal. But, many summer leagues at the high school level require the use of a wooden bat. This allows for faster games, and less injuries to fielders. You can do damage with a wooden bat, but BBCOR bats are still metal. You can definitely hit it harder with a BBCOR. But, most leagues have moved on to wooden bats. This has brought about a new style of baseball, and new equipment. Brands like Marucci, and SSK have jumped at this chance. [product_tag tags="wooden-baseball-bats"]

Marucci BBCOR Wood Bats

Marucci has been around for a long time in the Majors. It is the most popular bat among players, as it is a great piece of wood. Players even have their own line of bats as well. Players such as Andrew McCutchen, Jose Bautista, and Albert Pujols. These are some of the best hitters in the league, and they trust Marucci to give them the best bat possible. Marucci bats are hand-made and get extra attention from the craftsman. The three players previously mentioned have bats that are seen on any baseball filed more than others. Many leagues have embraced this rule, so a lot of kids want to use what the pros use. Marucci bats are also very reliable. The also can be considered Marucci BBCOR wood bats. They are legal for all levels of High School play. They have a thick handle, so you don't have to worry about breaking it every at bat. As that can be a very expensive habit to get into.


You will also see SSK bats very frequently in the MLB. Many powers hitters use this bat as it is a very dense wood. When you have a dense wooden bat, that ball gets hit with extra strength. This allows for gap to gap power, and hitting it over the fence. A great quality for a wooden bat to have. With the dense wood, the bat won't break as frequently. The cheaper bats brake more often because they are mass produced. Like Marucci, they make them by hand and are more reliable. This is a great thing to know at the plate, as you won't worry about breaking your bat every time. Robinson Cano is their featured athlete, and he drops bombs with this bat. He has a sweet swing, and when the ball connects with the SSK, the ball flies. SSK makes very quality wooden baseball bats.


Pricing, when it comes to wooden baseball bats, can be a difficult thing to understand. If you buy a quality made bat, it will be more expensive. But, you have to think of the upsides this bat brings. These bats are much less likely to break, allowing for hitters to be more confident and spend less time buying new bats. When you buy the cheaper bats, they are much more likely to break. This will leave you constantly buying bats and spending more money. The money from the $40 through $50, even the $20 bats will add up over time. So, in my opinion, get a great wooden baseball bat and feel confident at the plate. It will pay off in the end.
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