Wilson Umpire Mask

Wilson Umpire Mask

Being an umpire can be a very tough job. You are one of the most hated people on the field, and you are constantly getting hit with the ball. So, to prevent and injury from the second reason, you should buy a Wilson Umpire Mask. These masks use very protective materials and has a great deign for sight. These masks make the life of an umpire a little easier. Wilson is a company that goes way back. They are a major sports manufacturer and they have been around the game of baseball for a long time. Because of the amount of time they have been making baseball equipment, they know what it takes to make great equipment. Also, they have been able to make their umpire gear more protective so everyone can stay on he field. Not to mention, they want customers to come back, so they keep them safe. [product_tag tags="wilson-umpire-mask"]


To start, Wilson makes a mask that is extremely protective and durable. They make this mask wiring out of titanium and this mask does a great job keeping ump's safe. The titanium is extremely strong and will block out any of the shock or pressure from the ball while you are umpiring. This is a great feature to have because all too often, the game slows down for an ump to recover from a hit. So, to avoid this you can buy this mask. Games will go faster and everyone will be happier. Maybe people will start liking umpires a little bit more.


The other option for a Wilson umpire mask is the steel wiring mask. Steel isn't as a tough and durable as titanium, but it will do just as good of a job as titanium. The steel is very strong, not to mention, and is $130 cheaper on our website. So, if you still want a great Wilson product but don't want to pay $200, this is going to be your best option. One of the best features of this mask is the sweat absorbing leather on the inside. When it is 90 degrees outside and you have to umpire two to three games, you will be sweating a lot. So, in order for you to stay dry, you need a mask like this. I would really consider this mask as an umpire.