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Wilson Baseball Gloves

Wilson Baseball Gloves

Wilson Baseball Gloves have been a household name for years now. You can mention these gloves by name and not even Wilson, and people will be familiar with what you are talking about. The Wilson Baseball Glove represents the baseball world and does rightfully so. They have been able to craft the closest glove to perfect the market has ever seen. With the A2K, other companies have seen what Wilson is really about. To continue that, they offer the A2000 which is another glove that people know worldwide . Some companies are lucky enough to get one glove globally known, but a few elite ones can get two gloves to own the baseball world. Wilson has been able to accomplish this. They have been around since the beginning of baseball, but have been able to grab the baseball world in the recent years. [product_tag tags="wilson-baseball-gloves"]


The Wilson A2K has been on top of the market for years now. This just goes to show how reliable these Wilson baseball gloves are. Wilson sorts the A2K three tjmes stronger than any other glove they have. On top of using a stronger leather, this is the reason for the price difference. Due to these reasons, this glove will last you a long time. Not just for a couple of seasons, but for four to five years to come. With all the heat and sweat, this is very impressive. Many gloves lose their shape and lose the quality over time, but not the A2K. This is what make the A2K series such a draw especially with the Wilson first base mitt. MLB All stars have trusted these Wilson baseball gloves for years as well. Brandon Phillips has been using the A2K for years and even has his own series of gloves. Not to mention, David Wright has also been using this glove for the majority of his playing career.


The A2000 is another great line of Wilson baseball gloves. This glove is close to as strong as the A2K which is great for the price. The Wilson A2000 series uses a super skin leather which gives a great feel and look. Another great feature of the super skin is its ability to be broken in. In a short period of time, this glove can be game ready. Also, it doesn't require that much attention in the off season. with some basic oiling and a couple of catches, these Wilson baseball gloves are good to go. The A2000 creates a great feel and look for many players. Players in the majors like Clayton Kershaw and Dustin Pedroia have there own collection of A2000's. These guys have been trusting Wilson to make them high quality gloves that feel great as well. Nothing would be worse than using a uncomfortable glove for 162 games.

Wilson A800 Glove Series and More

Other popular series include the Wilson A800 glove series and the new A900 series. The company has also brought back the A1000 series gloves this year.  
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