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Weighted Bats

Weighted Bats

Weighted Bats have become the new norm for warming up in the majors. All players take heavy hacks in the on decks circle. It allows for their bat to feel lie a wiffle ball bats. Maybe they are on to something as it seems to work for them. When your hitting, you need every advantage you can get. So, having your bat feel really like can help a lot. It allows you to have the quickest and most accurate swing possible. With weighted bats, it allows you to experience this. They are a great tool for any player that wants to swing better, or has trouble catching up to faster pitching. But, you need to be able to get the timing down as well. You're swing will be as little faster, so you need to adjust yourself accordingly. But, weighted bats are a great option for any player. [product_tag tags="weighted-bats" orderby="popularity"]


HeavySwing is the leader in weighted bats. These bats range in size and weight. What makes them even better is that they are shaped like bats. So, if you want to take some batting practice with them, you can. I would suggest soft toss. Live pitching would not be a good idea as you would mess up your timing and get into many bad habits. Soft toss allows you to focus on mechanics, and hitting line drives. These bats are perfect for this. Also, this bat helps you get your hands inside the ball. With the extra weight on the bottom, it forces you to keep your hands close to your body, and adjust to pitches with your shoulder. That is the proper way to hit. For only being a training bat, it is an absolute steal. It helps your mechanics and swing, while being only $128. HeavySwing also offers a stick for the batters box. This is heavier than the bats, and has a bat-like handle to use to swing. It is perfect for the on deck circle as your trying to loosen up. The extra weight allows for more strength to be used, making your bat feel lighter in the box. This is a great tool for all players, and is featured by almost every MLB player. They use this HeavySwing or something similar, and they produce some pretty good results. Guys like Jose Reyes and Alex Rodriguez take full advantage of these bats as they have crazy swings in the on-deck circle. HeavySwing has established themselves to be a top baseball company, finding there niche with weighted bats.
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