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Under Armour Youth Batting Helmet

An Under Armour youth batting helmet provides protection to young hitters. The speed of a pitch during peewee and junior league games can exceed 60 miles per hour. While not as fast as those thrown in collegiate or professional games, they can still seriously hurt a young player who is not wearing good quality head protection. You can keep your child protected at bat by equipping him or her with an Under Armour youth batting helmet. [product_tag tags="under-armour-youth-batting-helmet"]

Head Protection

The Under Armour youth batting helmet is made from high impact resistant ABS plastic. It will protect your child's head and withstand the force of a high-speed baseball pitch. The plastic shell is also lightweight, allowing your child to focus on the game rather than struggle under a heavy and awkward helmet. The dimension of the Under Armour youth batting helmet also accommodates putting on and taking off quickly before and after your child's turn at bat. You can find Under Armour youth batting helmet models that also come with an optional face guard. The face guard can be ideal for beginners who perhaps may be nervous at pitches coming toward them. The face guard can be taken on and off as the child prefers and gains experience with the game.

Comfort and Durability

Under Armour's batting helmet for youths will last for years. Thus, it will ensure that you get a full return on your investment. It can withstand  the  wear and tear that comes from playing the game. The helmet likewise has padding around the ears and top of the head to give it a comfortable fit. Your child will not suffer scratches, bruises, or scrapes from putting on the helmet on or taking it off after each batting session. Under Armour offers youth batting helmets in a variety of colors. You can find helmets that match your child's team colors or in a color and style that your child prefers.
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