Under Armour Softball Helmets

Under Armour Softball Helmets

Under Armour Softball Helmets are a great way to stay protected while in the batters box. They have a ton of great features and they all come with a cage to protect hitters faces. Also, if you find a helmet you like and it doesn't have a cage on it, they make cages with clips to put on your helmet. The only difference is the sight may be a little less, but nothing terrible. Under Armour Softball Helmets can take a lot of shock and pressure and still hold up. They are able to handle a lot and keep the players head from getting any injuries. They have great foam on the inside as well to keep the helmet nice and snug. The helmets are very comfortable and they have a nice feel on almost everybody. Everybody should take a look at Under Armour Softball Helmets. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Under Armour Softball Helmets!


In the game of fast pitch, they have a special design for the game. This helmet is very breathable. They have a lot of air slots and there is a lot of room at the bottom for air ventilation. Because this helmet is very breathable, the helmet really reduces sweating while you are out on the field. On the base paths, you can get very hot and sweaty from running. When you have a helmet that can cool you off, that is a major plus. This helmet is able to cover your entire face head, and parts of you neck without compromising your swing. This is a great feature because it is able to give you full protection without ruining your swing. The vision on these helmets is great as well. Softball helmets can have a wider side view so you have a full range of sight with the cages.


For youth players, the helmets are very similar but have adjustments to make them accessible for youth players. One of the main things is the size difference. The size is less so the weight is less. You need the weight to be down because many youth players have necks that can barely even support their heads to begin with. If you put a lot of weight on them, their heads will just drop to the floor. Also, the helmets can be lighter due to not needing as dense plastic. These youth helmets don't have to protect against as fast of pitching as the adult helmets have too.