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Umpire Shin Guards

Umpire Shin Guards

Umpire Shin Guards are a necessity for all umpires while out on the field. Umpires are always being hit when games start. There is no avoiding the ball coming in your direction. The ball hits your shin guards more than any other part of your equipment. So, you are going to want to have the best shin guards on the market. All your umpire gear should be top of the line, but if you have to settle make sure your shin guards are the best out there. It will save you a lot of aches in pains in the future. Your equipment as an umpire is your last line of defense. You can't always rely on the catchers to block every ball for you. Many balls pass by the catcher and hit the umpire right in the shins. Your umpire gear better be able to withstand a lot of heat. [product_tag tags="umpire-shin-guards"]


Many of the top baseball companies make leg protectors for umpires. Umpires are needed for every game, so there is a big market for gear. To start, Wilson makes very quality gear for a decent price. The Wilson line of gear is the Platinum Pro. It offers a wide range of options. They build the shin guards to last and they do last. These are some of the longest lasting gear for how much abuse they take. They also build them to be very tough. They will protect your legs from any balls that come in your direction. This is a much needed feature because of all the abuse your legs take during a game. These shin guards also have flared ankle guards. This is a great feature as you want to protect every part of your leg and foot. The Wilson line is a great option. Rawlings also makes some great shin guards. They offer shin guards that can placed on the inside or the outside of your pants. Typically the shin guards go inside umpire pants, but if it is a more causal league, under shorts or over pants would work as well. They come double padded in the knee. This is a great feature for all shin guard to have as they offer extra protection for your knees. Bending down all game can cause excess fatigue on your knees. This makes it harder to keep focus and make accurate calls. Most umpires take pride in their consistency and reliability.


Umpire Shin Guards should be able to protect your entire leg and foot. They should feel comfortable and be tough. A lot of features are needed to make a successful pair of umpire shin guards, so make sure you find a pair that last. Try to find gear that comes with ankle protectors and have extra knee protectors.
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