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Umpire Mask

The umpire mask is possibly the most important to an umpire. This is because during a pitch, the majority of their bodies are behind the catcher, besides their faces. Most umpires use what looks like a version of a traditional catcher's mask as their mask. But, some opt for a hockey style mask, as it offers more protection. There are many thoughts regarding what is better, but it comes down to what you are most comfortable using. The whole idea of an umpire mask or equipment piece being important is an abstract idea. But, it makes sense as an umpire is the most important person on the field. Without an umpire, you cannot play a baseball game. Yes, you can play a pickup game, but will need to use an immovable object as the strike zone. But, if you're playing in a league game, an umpire is a requirement to play the game. And, in games, umpires must have protection or they won't take their place behind the plate. With this logic, it is easy to tell that an umpire mask is the most important piece of equipment on the field. Besides the ball, not one piece of equipment is more important. [product_tag tags="umpire-mask"]

Masks in Comparison to Other Equipment

With all of the equipment that umpires need, the mask is definitely the most important. For the most part, this lies in the fact that an umpire's face is the most vulnerable to injury. But, there are other reasons to this fact.  Nowadays, concussions have become a major topic in the sports world. The mask is the equipment piece for an umpire that protects them from concussions. So, with respect to the new fad of preventing concussions, the mask is most important. Leg guards and chest protectors will not prevent concussions. Umpires rely on their masks for their ultimate protection. They will not take the field unless they feel safe, but luckily there is an abundant of resources for umpires to find what they need. The umpire mask is simply one the most important pieces of equipment in all of sports. Without them, important baseball games could not be played. In the world of the sports, the world of the umpire mask is in its own class.
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