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Umpire Chest Protector

Umpire Chest Protector

An umpire chest protector is incredible important when it comes to taking care of business behind the plate. When it comes to being an umpire, you get beat up behind the plate. It is inevitable that a ball will come in your direction behind the plate. So, you need to be able to protect yourself. You can't always rely on the catcher to protect you. Many youth catchers don't know how to block and let a lot of balls go through to the umpire. So, your going to want to have the best umpire gear possible. We offer great umpires gear, especially Umpire Chest Protector. These chest protectors are the best of their class. They can take foul balls and dirty balls all day, and you will barely feel a thing. This is great news for every umpire. Many times you see umpires go down from not having good enough gear, but our chest protectors will keep you in the game the whole time. [product_tag tags="umpire-chest-protector"]

All Star

All Star is a great company when it comes to protective gear. They are the leader in catchers gear, as well as Umpire gear. They offer great Umpire Chest Protector's on our website. Not only will they protect your chest, but they also protect your shoulders and upper arms. This is a great feature to have. The ball can hit any part of your body at any time, so you want to be covered all around. All Star will accomplish this. Their gear comes at a range of price, depending on the series. They range from $128 to $63. The price variation comes from how protective they are, and the quality of the padding. The more expensive chest protector resembles there catchers equipment. They have the standard catchers chest protector, but also have tough shoulder and upper arm protectors. This chest plate will last you many years to come.

Make the right calls

You want to be able to handle anything thrown your way as an umpire. And, to be fair to the game make the best calls. In order to do that, you can't worry about protection. You have to be confident you gear will be able to handle whatever happens. This allows you to be able to stay behind the catcher and make the most accurate strike calls possible. This allows for the game to go smoothly and for everyone participating to enjoy it. Nothing is worse then getting a whole crowd upset from bad calls. Make sure you make the right ones feeling safe with some great Umpire Chest Protector's on our website, Baseball Bargains.
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