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Training Bats

Training Bats

Training bats come in various styles. Somebody once coined the phrase,”When killing them with kindness doesn’t work, try a baseball training bat. The results will vary!” All joking aside, for baseball players getting the right feeling bat with maximum hitting ability is imperative. Metal versus wood bats are a heavily contested subject matter for baseball enthusiasts. Wooden bats certainly precede the metal versions which were first available approximately 47 years ago. They were all the rage back then. However, metal bats have been the choice over wooden bats by youth sports clubs for decades. The argument is that metal bats do not break like wooden ones and because of the trampoline effect, the ball can go farther. Whether you are a wooden or aluminum bat fan, there are some really fantastic training bats out on the market that is worth noting. [product_tag tags="training-bats"]

• Weighted Training Bats

These bats are heavier than game bats. The idea is to build up strength in the muscles used to swing a bat. Most of these models have a wood construction. They are for use with live hitting. This is done either off of a batting tee or in batting practice.

•Heavy Swing Training Bats

The Heavy Swing company has created innovative training bats to help batters increase wrist strength and develop proper swing technique. The knob of the bat is weighted so the hitter must pull the hands though the zone with extra force to complete the swing. There are youth and adult models as well as mode with a wodo barrel. There are also model for fastpitch softball. All of the bats are for use in actual hitting practice.

•One Hand Training Bat

These wood bats are shorter in length than actual bats. This is so that a hitter can control the weight with just one hand. There are many training drills that a coach can implement eith using a batting tee or soft toss.

•Resistance Training Bats

A Resistance bat is basically a handle on a rubber band. It is a strength building tool. You fasten the elastic band to a stationary object like a fence. The hitter then spaces him or herself a distance that makes the band taught. The hitter then repeatedly simulates their swing. The band creates resistance and therefore the hitter must exert extra energy to complete the swing. This ultimately builds up strength in the muscles used to swing a bat.
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