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Softball Face Mask

Softball Face Mask

A Softball Face Mask is essential to safety in the game of softball. Pitchers get extremely close to the hitters and there is very little time to realize it is coming at you and get out of the way. Also, if you are a slap hitter it is even harder as you are also running forward. It is imperative that all batters wear a face mask and I believe all high school leagues require one to be in use. It is better to get your daughter in one as soon as possible so they can get adjust to the look and feel. Instead of doing it when leagues require it, do it early so they can adjust their sight if there is an issue. But, sight is typically never an issue. The side view is wider than a baseball helmet. So, in the batters box you have a wide-range view. [product_tag tags="softball-face-mask"]

Under Armour

Many companies make helmets with the face mask and some make just the face mask. Companies make the face mask by itself for players who want to attach them to helmets they already have or helmets they want to fix.  Under Armour makes a lot of softball face mask's and it comes with the clips. Under Armour is a great baseball and softball manufacturer that does a lot of work in helmets. They have some of the most protective helmets and some of the best face masks. Their face mask has a ton of visibility and a ton of protection. They don't have to compromise on either as they have come up with a great design to factor in both. Also, it has a lightweight design which is perfect. The last thing you want is for your head to droop forward because your face mask is dragging you down.


Rawlings is another company that does a great job in the helmet and face mask department. Their helmets have become very popular due to the amount of protection they offer. They really hit it big with helmets that can handle a 90 mph fastball. This was big news in the baseball world and have become one of the best helmets in the business. They also get a lot of popularity due to the fact that they are the helmet of the MLB. Any product seen being used by an MLB player is going to get a lot of attention. So, Rawlings was smart and became the official helmet of the Majors. The face mask they create is one of a kind that uses special wiring design to keep the weight down. Also, it comes with a chin strap to minimize the amount of movement with swinging and running.
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