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Softball Catchers Mitt

Choosing a softball catchers mitt can be a very difficult thing to do. This is because there is so many different options to choose from. When buying yourself a mitt it is important to consider a multitude of factors and then make a decision based on them. Some of these factors you need to consider are the material of the glove, the brand it comes from, and the amount of padding the glove has. If you can find a glove that is your preferred material and it comes from a brand you like, the glove is probably a great fit for you. Here is a guide to choosing the best softball catchers mitt for you. [product_tag tags="softball-catchers-mitt"]

Brands of Catchers Mitts for Softball:

As stated previously the brand of the glove is an important factor when choosing a catchers mitt for yourself. Brand is largely preference and many people go into the process of buying a mitt already knowing what brand they want. However, there are some brands that have a reputation of manufacturing the best softball catchers mitts. These brands include Mizuno, All Star, Wilson, and Rawlings. Now that is not to say there are other great gloves made by other brands, it is just these brands have long standing traditions of making great mitts. Anyone in the market for a softball catchers mitt should definitely look into these 4 brands.

Softball Catchers Mitt Material:

Mitts use a variety of different materials. These materials include Leather, Mesh, and Synthetic. Any competitive softball player should be using leather. This is because leather lasts longer and provides a more solid feel. Synthetic and mesh are great for those who are new to the game and are looking for a cheaper option. However material is also all preference. Although few, there are very competitive softball players who prefer synthetic.

Catcher's Glove Padding:

Padding is incredibly important when choosing a catchers mitt. For obvious reasons all catchers mitts do have increased padding to prevent hand injuries, but many have different amounts. A glove with a lot of padding will offer increased protection, but will damper the feel you have of the ball. A mitt with less padding will provide a better feel of the ball, but not as much protection. To find a mitt with an adequate amount of padding it is important to talk to local experts and know what type of feel you prefer. There is a simple buying guide to choosing a softball catchers mitt. If you are looking to buy one we have a great selection right here on the Baseball Bargains website.
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