Single Flap Batting Helmet

Single Flap Batting Helmet

The most important part of any sport is staying safe on the field. This is why in the game of baseball it is of the utmost importance to purchase a high quality batting helmet. A batting helmet should be protective, but still provide a hitter with pristine comfort. The single flap batting helmet is a helmet design used by many pro ballplayers. The single flap only covers one ear, the ear facing the pitcher and leaves the other one unprotected. This design is ideal as it helps protect ballplayers where they are vulnerable, yet it allows ballplayers to remain comfortable and cool with one ear still exposed.

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Pro Style Batting Helmets

A single flap helmet is ideal for a ballplayer who only hits one way or another. Switch hitters would not be able to remain protected on both sides with this helmet, unless of course they bough two. Most of these helmets range from a smaller size of 6 7/8 inches to an extra-large size of 8 inches. Choosing. On our site we have single flap batting helmets manufactured by Rawlings. Rawlings has been around for over 100 years and is known for providing helmets that keep ballplayers safe. One great helmet to choose from includes the:

Rawlings CoolFlo Single Flap Batting Helmet CFSER: Priced at $38.95. Features: This helmet has a is a leather head band in the interior of the helmet. This helps cushion the head making this helmet incredibly comfortable. Also, this helmet uses an ABS plastic shell which makes this product durable and long-lasting.

Right here on the Baseball Bargains website we have great single flap batting helmets available. These helmets are usually for older more competitive ballplayers, but players of all levels can use a single flap batting helmet. Stay safe on the field, stay comfortable in the batters box, and purchase a single flap batting helmet for yourself today!