Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe Baseball Gloves

Shoeless Joe Baseball Gloves are both innovative and nostalgic. Baseball is a game with a rich history in a lot of areas. One of those areas is fielding gloves. Over the years the fielding glove has evolved a lot in appearance and in design. While technological advances to fielding gloves have helped improve the game, there are many who still long for the look of an old-time fielding glove. Shoeless Joe baseball gloves have that old time look.

Shoeless Joe Glove- Shoeless Jane Glove

If you are one of those players, looking for an awesome throwback mitt, you have to check out Baseball Bargain’s Shoeless Joe baseball glove collection. Their gloves closely resemble mitts from the early years of the game. They feature an awesome classic appearance, while still built strong and durable like a modern day glove. That mix leads to a truly special product. They also use a super soft leather that allows for a quick and easy break in.  You will be using your new glove in a game after a very short break in period. The soft leather provides a comfortable form fit that is unmatched in the industry. Lookout for their Shoeless Jane gloves for softball too!