Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe Series

The Shoeless Joe series of training gloves allow players to train with the most up to date designs and patterns. Each training glove features a 100% leather build that goes through a Tobacco Tanning process. As a result, the glove is field-ready and players can practice with it almost immediately. The leather is extremely durable, flexible, and lightweight, allowing players to use the training gloves with ease. The glove is available in right hand throw only. The Shoeless Joe training gloves are able to fit both adult and youth size hands. Because of this, both coaches and players are able to use them in practice. The training gloves are long-lasting, and they will hold and maintain their structure and shape over multiple seasons. Shoeless Joe gloves combine modern technology with a classic look and this series of training gloves is no different. So, be sure to pick up one of these fine training gloves from Baseball Bargains today!