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Rolling Softball Bags

Carrying a softball bag can be a very annoying and taxing task after a long game. Instead of having to put all that weight on your shoulder, you should roll it. Rolling Softball Bags are perfect for all players that don't want to have the aches and pains of putting a duffel bag on their shoulder. It is surprising how heavy your softball gear really is, especially if you are a catcher. The gear makes your shoulder feel very tired and it begins to hurt. But, when you get rolling bags, you just roll your bag behind and not worry about your shoulder. The wheels make your gear feel a lot lighter and you are able to walk to and from your game with ease. Most of the top manufacturing companies make these rolling softball bags and do so in different styles. They produce team bags, catchers bags and regular wheel bags.

Rolling Bags

To start, we will discuss the prototypical rolling bags that companies design for players with a lot of gear or who just like the style. The rolling bags are great for catchers, or players who carry catchers equipment. The rolling bags have a plethora of space, and have pockets for certain items in your bag. One of the great things about these bags is the amount of space they have for bats. You can fit about five to six bats in these bags. So, if you are a player who plays in a metal bat league and a wood bat league, these bags are perfect for you, You can fit all your bats and probably still have room. Another great feature in most of these bags is the protective cases they have. All these companies know everyone has a phone, so their on bags on the pockets to protect phones.

Team Bags

Lastly, there are also team bags for players who have a ton of gear or for a coach. When I was a player, I always used a team bag because I always played with a ton of equipment. I was a catcher and I got playing time in the field. So, I got use out of a lot of gloves and helmets. A team bag was perfect for me. The team bags will comfortably fit all your catchers equipment, hitting gear, and many gloves. Also, most team bags have at least four slots for bats, and some have even more. The team bags are even better for coaches who carry the catchers equipment for the team and a couple of helmets. There is a ton of space in these bags. To make them even better, they come with wheels so the bag feels lighter than it actually is.  
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