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Rawlings Wood Bats

Rawlings Wood Bats

If you are looking to perfect your form and technique in baseball, then you need to use Rawlings wood bats. Wooden bats are made from a variety of types of woods. Therefore, choose from the enormous selection of Rawlings wood bats the one that is right for you. [product_tag tags="rawlings-wood-bats"]

Rawlings Maple Bats

Maple bats provide a very solid feel when hitting the ball. Players learn to hit the ball using great technique since maple bats have a smaller sweet spot. Rawlings wood bats made from maple are heavier. Therefore, it is easier to hit the ball out of the park. The tighter grain on these bats from Rawlings makes them extremely durable. Over 70 percent of all Major League Baseball players choose a maple bat.

Rawlings Velo Wood Bat

If you are new to the game of baseball or do not get to play often, then an ash wood bat from Rawlings is the perfect choice for you as they are more forgiving. The grain on these bats makes it easy to see when you are lining up the ball properly for a great hit. Rawlings Velo Ash wood bats are the lightest wooden bats. Therefore, you will maximize your bat control with the Rawlings Velo wood bat. Players who want a unique looking bat will want to consider Rawlings Velo Ash Bat. Ash wood bats are the choice of about 25 percent of MLB players. So, check out the Rawlings Velo wood bat.

Birch Bats Durability

Rawlings Birch bats are some of the most durable wood bats available. Birch is a denser wood and thus has a more powerful barrel. Therefore, the ball often travels further. These bats are more flexible, so players are less likely to break the bat. About 5 percent of all Major League Baseball players choose birch wood bats.

Rawlings Composite Wood Bats

When other wooden bats need replacing, composite wooden bats are still going strong. They are made of multiple materials including  wood. They are extremely durable.  Most come with a warranty against breakage. These bats are less expensive in the long run due to their durability. This makes them a good choice for budget-conscious shoppers or those just starting the game. Rawlings wood bats are use a variety of woods, so every player can choose the one that is right for them. Players who are looking for long hits need to consider maple bats while those looking to consistently hit the ball need to consider ash bats. Players looking to increase their swing speed find birch bats the perfect solution while those who are just starting the game often prefer composite bats. Regardless, choosing a bat from Rawlings ensures you get a great product at an affordable price.
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