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Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.25

The Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.25 is one of the best gloves money can buy today. Rawlings has been in business since baseball has been around. The Pro Preferred series is Rawlings number one glove and their cash crop. When you see players in the MLB using their gloves, it is most likely a Pro Preferred. They make these gloves from the best raw hide available. Raw hide is a great leather as it is a tough leather and a lasts a lifetime. The leather also meshes to you hand and creates a almost permanent pocket. The pocket will hold to its broken in feel if you keep it in good condition. The leather does take some time to be broken in, but once it is this glove is pure money. These gloves are the best around, and the 11.25 model is perfect for middle infielders and even third baseman.

Pro Preferred Glove Style

Along with the Raw hide, they make this glove out of full grain kip leather for that tough feel. The kip leather also gives this glove that pop. When you are having a catch or you are just catching a ball in play, the ball makes a loud pop off this glove. That is the sign of great leather. Only the best of the best gloves have leather good enough top make that pop. So, when you have that first catch with this model, listen for it as you will be able to tell. It is one of the most pure sounds in all of baseball. This glove also features a sheepskin palm lining to help protect the glove against sweat. One of the main reasons gloves fall apart in the palm and pocket is due to sweat. This is a great feature for any glove as sweat ruins gloves. They make the sheepskin in the palm of the glove so the sweat isn't absorbed into the leather of the glove. when sweat is seeping into the leather, it ruins the integrity of the leather and the pocket. This causes many gloves to lose their hold and lose the toughness the leather once had.


The Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.25 is a insanely good glove. Rawlings intends for this glove to be in use by a player who dedicates his whole life to baseball. They craft these gloves this way, and put extra attention into these gloves because they know that are the people using it. That is why this glove sells for $359. Due to the quality of materials and the time it takes to perfect this glove, the price is going to be high. Any serious baseball player who is an infielder and is looking for a great glove, give this model a try. You won't regret it.

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