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Rawlings Pro Preferred

Rawlings Pro Preferred is the premiere line in Rawlings arsenal of high quality gloves. A number of different professionals have picked this series as their choice of glove. Joe Mauer, Zach Wheeler, Pedro Alvarez, and Addison Russel are just a few examples of players in the majors choosing this wonderful series as their pick for a glove. This series is as high quality as it gets and you simply cannot go wrong. Yes, they may be a little more expensive than most gloves, but they are definitely worth the extra money. The durability that the Pro Preferred Series provides is unmatched by any other serious series out there. This is because Rawlings uses Kip Leather on their Pro Preferred series, which is a premiere leather for durability. It will last as long as you need it to. If you take care of your new Pro Preferred Series glove, it will last forever. Learn how to break in a glove properly and take proper care of it, and this will be the last glove you buy. This leather is also extremely light, so you can maneuver around the field with ease. You will be able to react faster and make more tough plays to raise your game to the next glove. [product_tag tags="rawlings-pro-preferred"]

Rawlings Pro Preferred Gloves Comfort

Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves are also extremely comfortable. Your hand will stay cool on even the worst days of summer. Your hand will feel like it is on cloud 9 which will elevate your game. This because you will be more comfortable than usual. You will play with no fear as you are in your ultimate comfort zone, so you'll take any risk in order to make the big play of the game. Rawlings gives you much more than just a glove with this series. Within the series, there is a large selection of gloves that you can purchase. So, not only will you get a glove that is extremely high quality, you will also get a unique glove. Not many people will have the same exact glove as you which is awesome. Especially with catcher's gloves, we consistently see the same gloves, but Rawlings gives you multiple options to be different from the crowd. People love variety and Rawlings gives you just that. Whatever glove you find, you will truly love it, you will not settle for a glove, you'll fall in love with all of our new Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves. This is what is great about the Rawlings Pro Preferred series, come find yours at our Baseball Bargains website!
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