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Rawlings Liberty Advanced

Rawlings Liberty Advanced

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced is a new addition to the Rawlings lineup for 2017. Rawlings is a leader in the equipment industry with a large selection of gloves for all positions and skill levels. The 12 inch fastpitch softball glove specifically targets and satisfies female infielders and pitchers. Its stylish white leather and laces will match most uniforms. Additionally, an open back and adjustable strap give you comfort and grip on the field. The Liberty Advanced is a little bit smaller than the standard softball glove. This makes it a great tool for a skilled infielder. The smaller size will let you transfer the ball for quicker throws across the diamond. Designed with the female athletes in mind, Rawlings has made adjustments to the fingers of the Liberty series to then create better fit and better control for fastpitch softball players as a result. They also added more padding to the palm and pointer finger area of the glove to reduce the sting caused by hard throws and line drives. [product_tag tags="rawlings-liberty-advanced" orderby="popularity"]

Additional Liberty Advanced Features:

Rawlings considers this glove one-hundred percent "game ready" at the time of purchase. It is pre-oiled and factory broken in. This means you should be able to take it right onto the field for immediate use. If you are an advanced level softball player and are ready to upgrade to the next level, the Liberty Advanced 12 inch infielder/pitchers glove is the right choice for you. Your search for glory in glove wear is over. Buy yours today to start your path to the pros come tomorrow. If you do, then and only then you will learn to appreciate the importance of having sound mechanics, since the most elite gloves out there are able to talk on the bulk of the rest.
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