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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5 inch

The Rawlings Heart of The Hide 11.5 inch glove is a beauty. This glove will be one of the best gloves you have very owned. They use a steer hide leather that blends the top 5% of leathers together. This process calls for a great quality glove that will last you a while. HOTH gloves are some of the highest quality of gloves, let alone in the Rawlings series. Rawlings always seems to produce high quality gloves and the Rawlings Heart of the Hide series is no exception. If you want to feel comfortable and have the utmost confidence in a glove, this glove is for you. It is available in baseball and fast pitch. So, it is available to all infielders. Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5 inch baseball gloves have featured a soft leather through their entire existence. Many people love this as they keep coming back as repeated customers. Also, this glove has great durability. [product_tag tags="rawlings-heart-of-the-hide-11-5"]


A major concern with gloves that feature a soft leather is the durability, or how long the glove will last. That isn't a concern for this great glove. Along with the leather, this glove is hand trimmed and is able to hold its shape. when a glove is hand trimmed, it gets a lot of attention. Also, the knots are tighter and will last you longer. The amazing thing about this glove is its ability to hold its shape. When you first form a pocket, that is the pocket you want to last. You don't want to have to judge what the pocket will be like in a couple of seasons. This glove is able to stick to its hold longer than any glove that is this soft. This glove will require a few more catches in the off season, but that isn't a bad thing.

Moisture Control

The moisture control in this glove is another amazing feature. When you are in the dead heat of summer, your hands and forearms will start to sweat. And, when you play a double header, all that moisture can be detrimental to a glove. But, with the built in moisture control, this glove will soak in all the sweat into a designated area. The wool on the inside will absorb it and control it. With most gloves, the sweat spreads all around. That is not the case with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5 inch model.


When you are playing on the field, you want to have a glove that gives you the utmost confidence in your ability. Confidence is key in the field. This glove features a smaller pocket, because it is an infielders glove, which makes it easier to find the ball. Knowing the ball is in the same area makes you think less while you throw. Also, you won't think about the grip because it is the same every time. This is very important in the field. You don't want to consciously be thinking about the throw. Usually, errors are made from over-thinking.
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