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Rawlings Gloves

Rawlings Gloves

When buying a glove it is important for a ballplayer to due their due diligence so don't forget to look at Rawlings Gloves. One of these things a ballplayer has to look into is what brand the glove is. There is many great brands out there, but one that stands above the rest is Rawlings. Anyone considering buying a new glove needs to consider buying Rawlings gloves and here is why. [product_tag tags="rawlings-gloves"]


Rawlings has been around since 1887 and has been in business ever since. This American company has gone through multiple changes of ownership and somehow has not suffered one bit. Rawlings was founded by George and Alfred Rawlings in St. Louis, Missouri. Throughout all this time Rawlings has withstood many American hardships. For any company that has been around this long, they have to be doing something right.


The main reason Rawlings has been able to last so long is their gloves. Rawlings has been one of the top glove manufacturers since the day they opened their doors. They have many different models to suit the needs of many ballplayers. Their top of the line model is the Gold Glove model. The Gold Glove model uses European leather to give a ballplayer a great feel and to help the glove last a long time. The Gold Glove model usually goes for around $500. Their next series is the pro preferred. The pro preferred series uses full grain kip leather giving a ballplayer a great feel. Both the pro preffered and the Gold Glove are top of the line models designed for highly competitive ballplayers. Rawlings does not stop here with their models. They make a lot of great models for ballplayers who aren't highly competitive too. Rawlings has many other glove series as well including the Rawlings Heart Of The Hide, The Heritage series, The Liberty series, The Gamer series, and many other series on top of that. The diversity of gloves Rawlings has to offer make it one of the top companies in the game.

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The last reason to choose Rawlings is the amount of pros who use their gloves. Whenever a company creates great gloves the pros take notice. Rawlings has many pro sponsors including Giancarlo Stanton, Francisco Lindor, and Yadier Molina. If these great pros choose Rawlings gloves why not you? In the end choosing a glove is up to you. However, if you truly want the best glove possible Rawlings is the way to go. Buy Rawlings gloves from Baseball Bargains today.
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