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Rawlings Catchers Gear

Rawlings Catchers Gear

Rawlings Catchers Gear is at the pinnacle of great catching equipment. Their sets and individual pieces are reliable and protective and they have a great reputation because of it. Rawlings is one of the best baseball and softball companies on the market today. They have been around the game for a long time and they know what it takes to make great equipment. They have found success in almost every area of baseball. Also, they manufacture a ton of softball equipment and they are a leader in softball as well. Rawlings is one of the first baseball companies and they have been around since 1887. They have been able to follow the game through the years and create what gear should be. They are a true baseball and softball company. Their catchers gear is no exception to the great equipment they produce. It only increases the prestige of the name. [product_tag tags="rawlings-catchers-gear"]


Rawlings does a great job producing catchers gear for the game of baseball. They have some of the best equipment and can be seen numerous amounts of times by catchers in the majors. When you see a company's equipment in the MLB time and time again, you know it is reliable. One of their best baseball sets is the Velo set. This set is for adults and intermediate players who are trying to get a fresh new set. They have some great colors to match all uniforms and they have some great features. The helmet is a hockey style mask and covers all areas of your head and face. Also, it covers parts of your neck so you won't have to worry about any injuries from the neck up. The chest protector is another great item. They assemble these chest protectors with great shock absorbing foam that prevents injuries.


In the game of softball, the Rawlings Velo set is also the best line. The make the softball Velo series a  little different as softball players are different than baseball players. But, they also make the series for adult and intermediate players. Which is a perfect thing to do so everybody can use the greatness of Rawlings Catchers Gear. The helmets and chest protector are very similar to the baseball set. Except, they are a little smaller as girls in high school tend to be smaller than the boys. The main difference between these two lines of equipment is the leg guard. The leg guard in the softball line wraps completely around the players leg and in the baseball set it just has straps. Besides these two things, the line of gear isn't very different. Also be sure to check out our selection of Rawlings youth catchers gear.
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