Rawlings Bats

Rawlings Bats

_x000D_ As a baseball player the bat you use is of the utmost importance to your success and Rawlings Bats are famous. Finding the right bat to use can be a very long and difficult process. There are many things to consider when searching for the perfect bat for you. One of these factors to consider is the brand of the bat. There are so many great bats out there that come from a variety of brands, but one brand that stands above the rest is Rawlings. Rawlings bats are made with pristine craftsmanship and they provide a feel like no other. There are many reasons to choose Rawlings bats including..._x000D_ _x000D_ [product_tag tags="rawlings-bats"]_x000D_


_x000D_ Rawlings began business in St. Louis, Missouri all the way back in 1887. Although the Rawlings brand usually is known for their baseball excellence, Rawlings has made strides in many other sports including football and basketball. Rawlings got their first big break in 1906 when they began providing the St. Louis Cardinals baseball gloves. Even though Rawlings has experienced a ton of success they have had multiple changes in ownership and today are owned by Newell Brands. Some may look at these changes in ownership as a bad thing, but that just goes to show what the brand has withstood and somehow they still remain atop the baseball world._x000D_


_x000D_ Even though Rawlings has great equipment for competitive ballplayers, they also have a great selection for ballplayers on different levels. From metal bats to woods bats all the way to tee ball bats Rawlings has it all. It all begins with their Rawlings Quatro bat series. This series has bats for for both baseball and softball and is recommended for a highly competitive player. Next come the renowned Rawlings Velo. The Rawlings Velo is arguably Rawlings most popular bat and there is a reason for that. The Velo uses top of the line alloy to provide a hitter with an unmatched feel. The Velo is also for highly competitive ballplayers. Rawlings has many other series for a variety of different ballplayers including the Rawlings Aspire, 5150, Prodigy, Excellence, Big Stick, Storm, Adirondack, etc. As you can see Rawlings has it all._x000D_

Why Choose Rawlings Bats:

_x000D_ Many know Rawlings as a company that makes some of the best gloves in the game. However, Rawlings also has some of the best bats in the game of baseball. Because of the high quality Rawlings offers many pros have taken notice. One of these pros is Matt Kemp. Matt Kemp chooses Rawlings for his bats so why not you? Any person in the market for a bat seriously needs to consider Rawlings. Good Luck on your baseball bat search._x000D_ _x000D_