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Rawlings Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Baseball Gloves have arguably been the best gloves in baseball for a long time. They have been around since the beginning of baseball and it shows. Rawlings have what a glove should be down to a science and continually put out great gloves. They have a line of gloves that really sweep the market. They have Pro Preferred, Heart of the Hide, and Gold Glove. All three of these gloves are excellent and serve a different purpose. So as you probably know, the Pro Preferred is their top shelf glove and it is one of the best gloves in the game. It is a world class glove. Also, the Heart of the Hide is a great glove, but is a less expensive option. And finally, the Gold Glove is the pretty inexpensive option for any casual baseball player. Thus, all three are outstanding Rawlings Baseball gloves. [product_tag tags="rawlings-baseball-gloves"]

Pro Preferred

The Pro Preferred is one of the best gloves the game of baseball. The glove is made out of premium leather as it lasts for seasons and holds its shape. What makes this glove special is its ability to maintain its pocket through the years. This glove has one of the deepest pockets I have ever seen, and the leather is able to keep the shape and integrity. The Pro Preferred is great for any outfielder as they will have a glove that has a very deep pocket and extra length to get to those long fly balls. This glove is great for all positions as it brings premium leather together with great shape. Like most top shelf gloves, they intend it for the serious player who wants to continue playing baseball for a long time. This glove is available on our website for $359.

Heart of the Hide

The Heart of the Hide is one of their best gloves as well. The HOTH uses some premium leather as well, but has a much smoother and softer feel. You have to protect these gloves a little bit more as it is made out of softer leather.. This will be a great glove if you keep it in a separate bag or a glove protector most bags have. The HOTH offers some great infielders gloves for a pretty fair price. At $249, you an get a glove that will last you seasons to come, and help your game. This glove is available for all positions and molds to each player. So, every plaer should look into this glove.

Gold Glove

This is an interesting series of Rawlings Baseball Gloves. So, the Gold Glove has typically been one of the cheapest gloves that Rawlings has made. It was readily available in all sizes and positions. Now, they introduced a new Gold Glove available for infielders and pitchers that is a top shelf glove. This glove sells for $499 and is made from European leather. It is a hand welted glove and it is some tough leather. But, it is only tough where it needs to be, the inside is easy to mold and break in. If you keep this glove in top shape, it will be the best glove you have ever had. It is a premier glove and allows infielders and pitchers to have a comfortable feel when playing and get the most out of their glove.
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