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Catchers Skull Cap

As far as masks a catcher can either use a one piece mask or a catchers skull cap with a separate mask. A Catchers skull cap does not provide as much protection, but it is lighter and easier to take off. We have a great selection of baseball skull caps here on the Baseball Bargains website. They have become very popular to use as base coach helmets.  Now that safety is a the forefront of concern, these coaches helmets are required bt many leagues and tournaments. We have skull caps from All Star (2), Easton (1), Rawlings (3), Under Armour (1), and Wilson (2). All of these brands have great reputations and all of their products are of the highest quality. These skull caps all have their differences and they all come in different colors and designs. Due to this great selection of catchers skull caps finding the right one for you should not be difficult. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these models should check out our website. Purchase your catchers skull cap today! CLICK HERE to see the full collection of Skull Cap models!
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