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Portable Pitching Screen

Portable Pitching Screen

You should always place a portable pitching screen between the hitter and pitcher. This is for the safety of the person pitching batting practice. Ultimately, it is practice that makes perfect. Hard work and perseverance are what builds the stamina of winners. This isn’t possible without having the necessary equipment to practice. Portable pitching screens are committed to the purpose of ensuring the velocity of the batted ball does not injure the person closest to the hitter. Different levels of practice require different types of portable pitching screens. There are a variety of pitching screens available that feature properties best suitable for different player levels. These models include L shaped and V shaped screens. Usually, as a first time buyer you may experience some confusion when you see the tons of different net models. It is useful to first read an overview of screens and see what most players require from them. For a slow pitch softball , grown men are launching the ball at high speeds while the pitcher is just 45 feet away. So you if you are looking fore a portable pitching screen you must consider the force you are trying to absorb. With some models, there are hooks that must come included in the net equipment to hold down the net during windy conditions. Another necessary tip is that portable equipment is more useful and convenient because people usually practice in yards and on random fields where protective nets are not available. So, by being portable, you can bring your protection to wherever you practice. [product_tag tags="portable-pitching-screen"]

Set Up Time

Another factor to consider is the ease  of set-up and break-down. Of course, you must also take durability of a portable pitching screen into account. It must be strong enough to take hits over a good period of time and still be functional. Most nets are lightweight. However, they are sturdy enough to hold down the frame. So, it will not get knocked down by a hard hit. In addition, choose frames that stand well above average height to cater to people of all heights.
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