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Nokona Gloves

Nokona Gloves

_x000D_ Nokona Gloves may not be the most recognized brand in the game but they pack a punch. When choosing a baseball glove there are many factors to consider. Brand, feel, and fit are the three things to look at when buying a glove. As baseball is a great American tradition many feel that they would like to buy an American made glove. If this is the case then the brand for you is Nokona Gloves._x000D_ _x000D_ [product_tag tags="nokona-gloves"]_x000D_


_x000D_ Nokona was founded in 1926 in Nocona, Texas. The name Nokona stems from the town of their origin Nocona. The reason there is a K substituted for the C is they could not receive a patent for Nocona as it is the name of a town. The tradition of this company runs deep and Nokona still manufacturer's their goods in the United States. This American pride is represented by few other companies as outsourcing jobs to other countries has become a common practice. Nokon even buys the raw materials to manufacture their gloves from the United States. This patriotic tradition is one of the reasons many choose to buy Nokona Gloves._x000D_


_x000D_ Nokona has an ample amount of different glove series to choose from as well. Their top of the line model is the Nokona Bloodline. The Nokona Bloodline Pro series uses Kangaroo leather. This Kangaroo leather ensures the glove will last a long time, while it still is very lightweight and comfortable on the hand. A Nokona Bloodline model sells for around $450. The next series of gloves Nokona produces is the X2 Elite series. The X2 Elite series uses top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers. These top grade materials make the X2 Elite series incredibly long lasting. The X2 Elite series gloves sports a price around $350. Both the X2 Elite series and the Bloodline series are great for highly competitive ballplayers._x000D_ _x000D_ Nokona has many other series to suit all levels of ballplayers. Some of their other series include the Nokona Select Series, the Nokona Alpha Series, and the Nokona Classic Walnut series._x000D_

Why Buy Nokona:

_x000D_ There are so many great glove manufacturers out there, so why buy Nokona? Buying Nokona is a very patriotic thing to do. When you buy an American product, you are saving American jobs and at the same time you are buying a high quality product. Another reason to buy Nokona gloves is the sleek patriotic designs. Every Nokona glove has a unique design, but they all share one characteristic. Every Nokona glove has an American flag on the side of the glove. This American flag is a patriotic sign to all that you respect the roots of the great game of baseball. So, buy your Nokona glove from Baseball Bargains today!_x000D_ _x000D_
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