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Nokona First Base Mitt

When you are looking for a quality first base mitt, you should always give Nokona a look. Nokona First Base Mitt's are among the top brands around when it comes to producing mitts. It doesn't matter if it is for baseball or softball, their mitts are consistently among the highest of quality of leathers and overall mitts. Nokona has been around the game of baseball for a long time and has got up to the point where they are now by producing great mitts. It isn't a surprise they are at this level because they use great leathers and build mitts that last many seasons. Many customers fall in love with Nokona and come back and continue to buy. With the Bloodline series for baseball and the X2 series for softball, they have great options. Both of these Nokona First Base Mitt models will help anyone's fielding ability.

Baseball First Base Gloves

Starting out with the Bloodline series for baseball, this mitt is one of the best first base mitts around. They make this mitt out of Kangaroo leather which is extremely lightweight. This is a great choice for leather of a glove as it won't feel like there is a weight in your hand at all times. You can make all the plays with plenty of time. Also, this type of leather is very durable and has a toughness that is the envy of other companies. The Bloodline mitt will last for a huge portion of your baseball career. It will also hold that same shape and pocket the whole time. when you mold the inside of the glove to fit your hand, it will stay like that. Also, however you mold the pocket will be the pocket for life. These mitts have a great ability to hold their shape.

Softball First Base Gloves

Lastly, Nokona's softball first base mitt, the X2. This glove has a totally different style to it than the Bloodline. They make the X2 out of a much softer leather that takes much less time to be broken in. It has a very short break in period. The glove just needs some oil and a few catches and you are good to go. The X2 is perfect for softball due to the huge pocket it features. It is almost like a softball could manage to get lost in these pockets they are so big. Nokona has the first base mitt down pat and they are thriving with just a few models in the series. It goes to show just how great these two mitts are and what they provide for players.

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