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Nokona Baseball Gloves

Nokona Baseball Gloves

Nokona Baseball Gloves have been around longer than you may think. As early as 1926 they were launched along with the formation of the Nocona Leather Goods Company. Eight years later, their baseball glove was trademarked. And ever since, they have put up the strongest competition of any other company that stands up to the top dogs like Rawlings, Wilson, and Mizuno. If they had not, then they would not be as popular as they still are today. With a history of emphasizing the purchase of raw materials in the U.S., Nokona has long supplied the backbone of their glove line through employing highly skilled leather crafters in the small town that lent its namesake to their company, Nocona, Texas. Each glove manufacturer operates more than 20 individuals pieces of leather by hand to construct just one glove. Luckily, the town supplies an abundance of workers eager and willing to contribute. After all, there is nothing more rewarding than the imminent end result. A company that can say they did it themselves, literally from the ground up. [product_tag tags="nokona-baseball-gloves" orderby="popularity"]

Nokona Glove Customers and Additional Features:

Without argument, the most well known player to wield a Nokona as their own is Hall of Fame legend and all time strikeout and no hitter king, Nolan Ryan. The "Ryan Express" used many different brands, but  never shined greater than when he brought a respected brand to the frontline for all potential customers to take notice. There's no better way to sell a glove than to market its biggest user. Or is there? Since the Nokona leather represents the working man providing for the working man, a matter of pride comes into play as well. Ryan knew what he was doing when he switched over to Nokona. Regardless of who he is, it was the innate superiority of Nokona that won him over in the and. Sure, you might get more immediate looks from the get go with Rawlings or Wilson. But those like Ryan who sport a Nokona become synonymous with uniqueness, originality, and willingness to go against the grid. In the hopes that if they put up the numbers, both greatness and other burgeoning athletes would follow suit.
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