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Molded Baseball Cleats

Molded Baseball Cleats

Baseball athletes must have equipment that performs at a high, dependable level, and molded baseball cleats are just that. Molded cleats use  rubber, TPU, or hard plastic which is lighter and more comfortable than metal cleats. Molded cleats are abrasion resistant, impact resistant, and equally dent resistant like metal. Professional baseball cleats feature traction technology allowing players to move quickly, run and drive their foot like metal cleats. Manufacturers mount molded cleats onto the bottom of athletic shoes which covers the major pressure points of the foot. Molded cleats are a popular choice for players in recreational baseball leagues, as well as professional MLB leagues. Most youth athletic leagues like molded cleats for safety reasons. Wearing molded cleats also gives base runners’ better traction on the diamond. Like other cleat inspired games, molded cleats for baseball are available in different styles depending on the amount of ankle support needed. For strong ankle stability, molded mid-top cleats are better with some featuring an adjustable strap. They fit best in grassy, soft, and muddy conditions which works best for outfielders. In addition, molded baseball cleats have thicker studs that are permanently on the bottom of the shoes. [product_tag tags="molded-baseball-cleats"]

Best Molded Cleats

Molded baseball cleats have deep traction grooves which help to provide better stability and support. The molded studs are put in different patterns, depending on the brand, with a varying number of studs. Athletic baseball cleats that are molded, are great for soft surfaces unlike the metal cleats which would dig in. Thus, the molded cleat technology gives players an explosive power to run and move faster. Molded baseball cleats give a player traction on a soft surface. This can be the difference between winning or losing. Stable and dependable, molded cleats can take the punishment of the field, concrete and asphalt. Made from modern technology, molded baseball cleats will not wear down. More MLB players are wearing molded cleats or MCS footwear. As a result, molded cleats are the choice of infielders and outfielders, heavy hitters (Big Boppers), and players who are good at stealing bases.
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