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Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear

Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear

Since there really is nothing soft about a fastpitch softball, many in the fastpitch game choose Mizuno softball catchers gear. Mizuno Fastpitch softball catchers gear offers full protection using gender engineered features. This means their gear fits women comfortably. All three pieces can be color matched. You can be creative and mix colors to create a custom looking Mizuno fastpitch softball catchers gear set. So, this Mizuno fastpitch catchers gear will have you looking stylish. Here's why Mizuno softball catchers gear is popular in the fastpitch game: [product_tag tags="mizuno-softball-catchers-gear"]

Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Helmet

All the Mizuno catchers helmets are manufactured to meet the rigid NOCSAE standards for protection. Mizuno employs triple-layer EVA foam padding inside all their headgear. This provides substantial cushioning against ball impact. A catcher needs to be able to see the field in front of them clearly. Mizuno fastpitch catchers helmets have a strong steel facemask. These face masks provide maximum visibility. The helmets have vents for breath ability. The women's facemask has a convenient ponytail hole in the head strap. So, this Mizuno fastpitch catchers gear provides comfort as well as protection.

Fastpitch Softball Chest Protector

The difference in the trajectory between a pitched baseball and a softball is 180 degrees the direct opposite. Fastpitch pitchers release the ball below the hip, so the tendency for the ball to end up in the dirt is greater than in baseball. For that reason Mizuno softball catchers gear includes a gender engineered chest protector that offers full coverage. So, you can stay injury free in this Mizuno fastpitch catchers gear. A catcher needs to be able to drop and stop with confidence. This is especially true in the fastpitch game. Passed balls are one way runners advance a base.  Advancing one base at a time is a critical part of fastpitch softball strategy. For that reason, a good chest protector is important. All Mizuno chest protectors incorporate DryLite® technology, which gives catchers cushioned protection that breathes. The harness uses a double connective buckle for a secure fit. Mizuno also uses a detachable neck guard that fits snugly up under the throat guard. It can be personalized with the player's or team's name.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are an important part of a baseball catcher's protective gear,. They are even more vital in fastpitch softball. Following the same ball trajectory reasoning, catcher's shins are prone to taking shots during a game. For that reason, quality shin guards are crucial. Mizuno uses a grip liner technology that keeps the shin guards where they belong. This means fastpitch catchers can move with confidence. When they return behind the plate after making a play, they won't have to worry about adjusting their leg guards. Mizuno fastpitch shin guards extend the protective padding around the inside of the calf. This adds more protection than other brands. Mizuno takes an extra step by using stainless steel hooks for long lasting durability. This gear will last for many seasons. So, you will get your money's worth.

Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear

Mizuno softball catchers gear comes in over a dozen different color combinations. This means the fastpitch softball catcher can match their team or school colors. Mizuno has been supplying athletic gear for over 100 years. So, a dedicated commitment to excellence is built into every piece of equipment. Fastpitch catchers can feel comfortable and secure. They are wearing catchers gear from one the industry leaders in sports equipment. So, add the Mizuno fastpitch softball catchers gear to your shopping cart today.
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