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Mizuno MVP Prime Glove

A Mizuno MVP Prime glove is constructed to offer amazing performance while being affordable. For a ballplayer what glove you wear can be a huge factor in the success you have. This is why choosing the best glove for you is absolutely vital. There are many factors that go into choosing your glove and a couple of them are the brand of the glove and the glove series. One glove that comes from both a great brand and a great series is the Mizuno MVP Prime glove. The Mizuno MVP Prime is one of the best gloves in the game and anybody in the market for a new baseball glove should consider buying yourself one. Here is what makes the MVP Prime so great.

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Mizuno Gloves:

When selecting a glove it is important to do so from a great company. This is because when you buy a glove from a reputable company there is a greater chance the glove satisfies your standards. Mizuno is one of the top companies in the game. Mizuno began business in 1906 and has a long standing tradition of providing ballplayers with great equipment. Founded by brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno the company had a mission to be the best international company in the game of baseball. Mizuno not only succeeded they far surpassed their expectations becoming one of baseballs best both internationally and within the U.S.

MVP Prime Series:

The MVP Prime series is one of Mizuno's most popular glove series they have and this is no coincidence. The series is so popular because of how great the gloves are. The MVP Prime series glove uses bio soft leather. This bio soft leather helps the glove maintain it's shape season after season. Another feature of the MVP Prime is the center pocket design. This center pocket design allows for an optimal break in that is unmatched by any other glove. The MVP Prime also has an ample amount of padding so there is no fear for any ballplayer using the glove.

Why Choose the Mizuno MVP Gloves:

If you're not convinced already prepare to be. Yes, the Mizuno MVP Prime uses top of the line technology and materials, but what separates this glove from the rest of the pack? Price. There are many gloves that use great technology, but those glove have a price of around $300. The MVP Prime goes for about $100. This price is unbeatable, purchase your Mizuno MVP Prime Glove today from Baseball Bargains. 

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