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Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5

Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5

The Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 inch gloves are a great piece of baseball equipment. The most important piece of equipment for any baseball player is his glove. It is an important choice when getting ready for the season - or the next several seasons. What position do you play? Do you play more than one position? What brand do you like? What style of glove to you like to use? There are so many choices to make when you are picking your new glove. Answering these questions will help lead the way. The Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 is a great choice for any infield position - except for first base. The Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 is the right size and style for pitchers, shortstops, second basemen and third baseman. The length, 11.5 inches, is perfect for a fast transfer for the ball between the glove and your throwing hand. Its not as long as a normal outfielders glove. Its good for practice too. A smaller baseball gloves allows you to work on your hands when fielding the ball. You can't rely on the extra length of the glove to reach the ball when hit. A Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 will force you into the proper fielding position and help you receive the ball with a soft touch and feel. [product_tag tags="mizuno-mvp-prime-11-5"]

Mizuno Prime Glove

The Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 has an open back and open webbing which is comfortable for use and feel. Lots of players like to use their glove with their pointer finger outside of the glove and you can do that with this open back style glove. Players do that because its comfortable, provides good grip and gives you a little more protection against the sting of the ball in the middle of the glove. The Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 is great for legion and high school players as well as men's league and amateur players. Its a good quality glove at an affordable price. It comes pre-oiled so breaking it in will be easy. It should last for years of infield play.
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