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Mizuno MVP Prime

Mizuno MVP Prime

Whether you're shagging down fly balls, corralling hot shots across the infield, or making that big scoop on first base, the Mizuno MVP Prime series has the perfect glove. The 19 MVP Prime models will meet the expectations of players striving for excellence. [product_tag tags="mizuno-mvp-prime"]

Handcrafted for Comfort & Control

Each Mizuno MVP Prime series glove is handcrafted using BioSoft® leather. Each glove blends a perfect balance of oils and texture for an exceptional feel. Nevertheless, a glove needs to do more than just feel good on your hand. Mizuno gloves have a shape to give you total control. You won't have balls bouncing off the heel, or skipping off the fingertips, causing you to make an embarrassing error. MVP Prime gloves will help you make all the routine plays with confidence. You will love it when you make those exceptionally spectacular catches.

Unique Pocket Design

Each Mizuno glove employs the idea that the pocket needs to be woven in a way that makes it easier to secure the ball. The Mizuno MVP Prime gloves use a center-pocket design that help the ball naturally fall into a spot between the fingers and the thumb. This means, when you close down on a catch you can expect the ball to stay in your glove. However, unless it's the 3rd out of the inning, you need to get the ball out of the glove quickly. Blending the soft textured leather, with the center-pocket design, Mizuno makes sure you secure the catch. However, you can transfer the ball to make a throw with ease. No matter what position you play on the field, baseball or fastpitch softball, there is a Mizuno MVP Prime glove to do the job. Considering Mizuno's century long dedication to excellence, you can play with the confidence that you're wearing a premier quality, durable glove. Take your game to the next level by putting one of the 19 MVP Prime options on your hand. If you play more than one position, invest in a model specially made for each spot you play.
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