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Mizuno Metal Softball Cleats

Mizuno Metal Softball Cleats

Mizuno metal softball cleats are a leading choice for softball players of all ages and abilities. A proper softball cleat is one of the most important pieces of gear a softball athlete can purchase. This tool provides traction and absorbs shock while protecting the athlete's foot from the rigors of the game. The metal studs have a blade shape. However, they are round on the end. This design ensures a firm grip. It also equips the athlete with the traction to handle both forward and side to side movements. Metal cleats are ideal for digging a strong toehold in the batter's box. They also provide maximum grab while leading off base. [product_tag tags="mizuno-metal-softball-cleats"]

Metal Cleats Permission

It is important to check your local league to confirm which type of cleat is legal. Metal cleats are the best shoe for grass and dirt fields because they provide more traction than any other cleat. Because the cleat is so thin, the metal penetrates the ground easier. However, Mizuno metal softball cleats are not recommended for turf because they can damage the field. Younger players are usually cannot wear metal cleats because of the danger they pose to players sliding into bases. Mizuno metal softball cleats will help maximize play through the use of superior technological features and styling, including:
  • Leather upper and padded tongue and extended ankle collar to support continued comfort
  • 9-spike parallel wave outsole to provide stability and traction
  • Full-length insole and strategically placed cleats to reduce pressure from the cleats on the foot
  • Built-in toe protectors to afford maximum protection for the athlete's foot
These metal softball cleats are from the Mizuno Corporation. Established in 1906 in Japan, Mizuno is a leader in athletics services and sporting goods products. Mizuno's primary competitors in the metal softball cleat market include Nike, Under Armour, and Rawlings.
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