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Mizuno First Base Mitt

Mizuno First Base Mitt

A Mizuno First Base Mitt is an incredible option when it comes to defending the hot corner. First baseman need to feel very comfortable with their mitt because they will need to scoop the ball and makes some miraculous catches. There are many things to consider when buying yourself a first baseman's mitt, but one of the most important factors is the brand. One brand that makes some of the best first baseman's mitts around is Mizuno. Here is why you need to buy a Mizuno First Base Mitt. [product_tag tags="mizuno-first-base-mitt"]


When buying a first baseman's mitt it is important to do so from a great company. Mizuno has a long tradition of making some of the best First Baseman's mitts in the game.  The company began in 1906, by brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno. They originally began selling mainly athletic wear, but they quickly found their knack in the game of baseball. In 1913 the company began making baseball gloves and that has proved to be the best move they have ever made. Their products are so great many pros have chose Mizuno to provide them with their first baseman mitts. Former Major Leaguer Todd Helton is one of the great first baseman to choose Mizuno.

First Basemans Mitts:

Mizuno has a wide variety of first baseman's mitts so finding the right one for you should be no problem. Their top of the line first base mitt is the Mizuno Pro Limited. The Pro Limited uses Japanese tanned leather to give a ballplayer a great feel and to help the mitt last a long time. This is a great mitt for a highly competitive ballplayer. Another one of their first baseman's mitts is the The Mizuno Classic Pro. The Classic pro uses speed drive technology to help a first baseman move quickly to get to a hard to reach ball. This is also a great mitt for a highly competitive ballplayer. Some other Mizuno first basemans mitts include the MVP Prime, the MVP, the World Win, the Franchise, and the Prospect. This wide variety of mitts is part of what makes Mizuno so great.  No matter what level of baseball you play there is a Mizuno first base mitt for you. Buy one today from Baseball Bargains!
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