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Mizuno Catchers Mitt

Mizuno Catchers Mitt

When finding the right Mizuno Catchers Mitt for you, you need to figure a few things out. When it come to Mizuno, they offer a very wide range of options. They make some of the best models on the market, but they also make models that are affordable for everyone. Mizuno is on top of the baseball world for their line of mitts called the Pro Limited, and rightfully so. This is a top shelf piece of equipment and comes at a hefty price of $599. If you are a very serious player, this might not sound that out of reach for craftsmanship of this quality. But, if you aren't that serious, or it is too expensive, they offer some great choices for a lot cheaper. They have gloves like the Global Elite, Classic Pro, and the Samurai. All three of these options are some of the best catchers glove models available. [product_tag tags="mizuno-catchers-mitt"]

Pro Limited

The Pro Limited catchers mitt is arguably the best model on the market. It is made out of Japanese tan leather and is one of the best leathers available. It will be able to handle anything you throw at it, no pun intended.  Since it uses high quality materials, it is going to last. Pro Limited mitts are hand crafted and extremely tough. They will last you many seasons to come. As well as being in top shape all of those seasons. This glove is for high level play and  meets the standards of dedicated players. So, if it can handle the heat of an MLB schedule, it can handle your schedule as well. With a deep pocket, this glove will swallow any pitch thrown to it. The deep pocket will allow you to squeeze and frame all pitches.

Global Elite/Classic Pro

Other series like the Global Elite are a great option for any player. The Global Elite comes at a price of $249 and uses a very lightweight leather. However, this Mizuno catchers mitt will last you many seasons and will hold its shape. Mizuno models are able to hold their shape over time. Even after three or four seasons, this glove will be just as reliable as it was day one. Overall, the Mizuno Global Elite is a great choice and should get a look by every player. The Classic Pro is another great Mizuno catchers mitt. It uses a soft leather for a great feel while being use. Also, it has a built in sweat control for games during the dead heat of summer. This will help hold the shape of the pocket as well as keep the glove in top shape.

The Best Catchers Mitt

Mizuno Catchers Mitts have been at the top of the game for a while now. The technicians in Haga, Japan have been able to perfect what a mitt should be like. This is no exception for the ones for the catchers position. They have only been the best, it doesn't matter what series of glove it is. At the end of the day, a Mizuno Catchers Mitts sure to be high quality and any player can use them at a any level. No matter if it is the Pro Limited or the Classic Pro, all Mizuno Catchers Mitts are high quality.
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