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Mizuno Catchers Gear

Mizuno catchers gear is a great option for any catcher looking to upgrade their equipment. Mizuno offers many qualities to their products that make them an excellent purchase, and will create better results on the field. This gear is at the top of the list of name brand gear. It meets all of your catching needs. They compete with brands like Under Armour, Easton, and All-Star, which are the three most popular catching companies. If you are deciding between the four of these companies, Mizuno is offering great gear for a fair price. [product_tag tags="mizuno-catchers-gear"]

Mizuno Series

They have a couple of sets that have unique features. They are for different types of catchers. Some of these include the Samurai series, which costs about $200-$230, and the Pro G2 series. Both series offer great features. However, the Pro G2 is a higher grade series of gear. This set costs about $350-$400. These two sets have put Mizuno catchers gear on the map. The Samurai set is more visible at baseball fields as it is the more affordable series. But, the Pro G2 series is still very popular.

Samurai Series

The Samurai Series is a great set of equipment that is available for a fair price. The Samurai Series offers many different features to the gear. One vital aspect to catching is blocking. And, if the gear helps this near impossible task, it is definitely worth a look. The Rebound Control feature gives this series a balanced build with new technology allowing the ball to land if front of you. Also, they feature of moisture control will be your best friend. The days of summer make baseball a hot game. If you're behind the plate, there is no avoiding sweat. This moisture management feature can limit how much sweat the gear takes in, and how much your equipment is going to smell during the season. Nobody will like the catcher's smell in August. This will control that. The gear is also adjustable. So, the chest protector can conform to your body.

Pro G2 Series

The Pro G2 set is for very serious baseball players, who for the most part, are fully grown. You want to be finished growing because the price is pretty hefty for a set, so it would be less than ideal to grow out of this gear. What this set has to offer is amazing. As it also has the rebound control, and moisture management, it has the patented K-Pad. The K-Pad is the pad in this series which protects your knees noticeably better than any other catching equipment. The chest protector in this set is one of the best around. The chest protectors feels like a dry-fit T-shirt and conforms to your body. As a catcher, I always love when the chest protector is very comfortable to wear, to make throwing easier. Lastly, the mask, which is a hockey style mask, offers some of the best vision. Mizuno catchers gear is a rising star and has been taking the market by storm.  With their high quality and multiple color combinations they are a popular choice among many high end catchers. In addition, the innovative designs and creative look will make any catcher look and play like a pro.
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