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Mizuno Baseball Gloves

Mizuno Baseball Gloves

Mizuno Baseball Gloves can be seen from the big leagues down to little league. Choosing a baseball glove can be a long and difficult process. One factor that should always be taken into account when choosing a glove is the brand of the glove. Now, there are many great brands out there to choose from. However there is one that is unique due to its international roots and is far superior to others, Mizuno, specifically the Mizuno baseball glove models [product_tag tags="mizuno-baseball-gloves"]


Mizuno began business in 1906 by the Mizuno brothers, Rihachi and Rizo. The company began mainly producing athletic wear, but quickly found their knack in the game of baseball. In 1913 the company began manufacturing baseball gloves and they have been one of the top companies in the game ever since. They also specializes in golf and many golf accessories, but they are mainly a baseball company.

Mizuno Baseball Gloves:

The Mizuno baseball gloves are unmatched. The quality and durability that comes along with Mizuno baseball gloves are far superior to most competitors. They also carry a wealth of these gloves, so finding a model for everyone should be of no problem. The Mizuno pro series is their top of the line series. The pro series uses Japanese tanned Northern European Kip Leather to ensure this glove feels great for every ballplayer. This series is mainly for very competitive ballplayers and goes for around $600. Another one of their series is the Global elite series. The Global Elite Series is a higher level glove, but is great for ballplayers on all levels. These gloves use E-Lite Leather. This series is great for those who love a glove that allows them to move with no restriction. The Global Elite Series  sports a price tag around $250. Mizuno has a countless amount of series, but another one of their most popular series is the MVP prime series. The Mizuno MVP prime series uses Bio Soft Leather and a center pocket design to allow for a top of the line design at a great price. The MVP prime series goes for about $75 to $120. Which is a very reasonable price for the quality of this glove. Other Mizuno glove series include the Mizuno Classic Pro, Mizuno Classic future, Mizuno Franchise, and Mizuno Prospect.

What separates Mizuno:

Mizuno baseball glove models are the best and here is why. First off the tradition, they has been around for 111 years and the quality of the products continues to amaze. Second, the pro baseball representation. They have many major league sponsors including, Ichiro Suzuki and also Ian Kinsler. If these pros use Mizuno, Why not you? Make the switch today take a look at all the Mizuno baseball gloves we have to offer. So, purchase your glove right here from Baseball Bargains.
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