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Louisville Xeno

Louisville Xeno

When purchasing any product the brand it comes from and the series it comes from are important to look into. Louisville Xeno products comes in both bats and gloves. Coming from the great brand of Louisville the Xeno collection is no exception to their greatness. Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have an ample amount of Louisville Xeno products available for purchase. Here is why you should consider purchasing a Louisville Xeno product. [product_tag tags="louisville-xeno" orderby="popularity"]

The Louisville Slugger Brand:

When purchasing a product purchasing it from a great brand like Louisville Slugger is always a good idea. This is because when you purchase a product from a reputable brand the product will be of a high quality. Louisville Slugger is as good as it gets. For over 100 years Louisville Slugger has provided softball players with top of the line equipment. Louisville Slugger is the official fast pitch sponsor for Ohio State, Stanford University, The University of Connecticut, and Florida State University. These college programs choose Louisville Slugger because they believe they provide them with the best chance to win.

Xeno Products:

Louisville Slugger Xeno Fast pitch Softball Bat Drop 10: Priced at $299.95. This bat has a ultra-light weight X cap making this bat very durable and allowing for faster swing speeds. Also, this bat uses Xstiff technology which makes the 2 piece design of the bat stiffer than most. This allows for maximum energy transfer generating great power.

Louisville Slugger Xeno 12.5 in Fast pitch Glove: Priced at $77.95. This bat uses a full leather design that is both lightweight and durable. Also, this glove has a reinforced soft pigskin wrist lining ensuring maximum comfort.

Here at the Baseball Bargains website we have many Louisville Xeno products to choose from. So, purchase yourself one of these great products today and play some of the best baseball of your life.
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